MAP: Bear sighting since May 14 around Southern Arizona

Jan 29, 2019


Welcome to Sunlight SEO, the leading Chandler SEO company offering top-notch SEO services to businesses in the area. In this article, we will dive into the recent bear sightings around Southern Arizona since May 14. Don't miss out on this comprehensive report that covers all the details you need to know!

Bear Sightings in Southern Arizona

Over the past few weeks, Southern Arizona has experienced an increase in bear sightings. These sightings have created a sense of excitement and curiosity among both locals and visitors. Sunlight SEO has compiled a detailed map highlighting the various bear sightings since May 14. Let's explore some of the most notable sightings:

Bear Sighting 1: May 15 - Tucson

On May 15, a black bear was spotted in Tucson, causing quite a stir in the community. Residents reported seeing the bear near Saguaro National Park, where it was leisurely exploring its surroundings. The sighting left locals amazed and reminded everyone of the incredible wildlife diversity in Arizona.

Bear Sighting 2: May 18 - Sierra Vista

A few days later, on May 18, a brown bear was sighted in Sierra Vista, a city located in Cochise County. The bear was seen near Coronado National Forest, attracting a crowd of nature enthusiasts eager to catch a glimpse of the majestic creature. This sighting served as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a harmonious coexistence with wildlife.

Bear Sighting 3: May 21 - Bisbee

Bisbee, a picturesque town located in Cochise County, experienced a bear sighting on May 21. The bear was spotted near Chihuahua Hill, much to the delight of locals and tourists exploring the town's charming streets. The sighting served as a testament to the natural beauty that Southern Arizona has to offer.

Staying Safe During Bear Sightings

While bear sightings can be exhilarating, it's important to prioritize safety for both humans and bears. The Arizona Game and Fish Department recommends the following guidelines:

  1. Keep a safe distance: When encountering a bear, it's essential to maintain a safe distance. Do not approach or attempt to feed the bear.
  2. Secure food and trash: Bears are attracted to food sources, so make sure to secure your food and trash properly. This helps prevent bears from venturing into residential areas.
  3. Make noise: If you find yourself in close proximity to a bear, make loud noises to alert the bear of your presence. This will often cause the bear to move away.
  4. Respect their space: Remember that bears are wild animals, and it's crucial to respect their natural habitat. Avoid any actions that may disturb or agitate them.

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